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«A decentralized, deflationary, fast and utility cryptocurrency»


deflationary cryptocurrency

Eagle token is a deflationary cryptocurrency that will reduce the number of tokens as purchase and sale transactions are carried out.

Hot wallet

Eagle Token will have its own hot wallet so you can store your cryptos without kyc verification and keep your tokens always under your custody as you will be the holder of your private keys.


Eagt is the currency used for transfers on our platform. Eagle Token is the bridge currency of our cryptobank. A decentralised bank where you decide when and how to withdraw your money.

Send and Receive Money

Send and receive money in a few seconds, with Eagt you can send money to your family and friends who have the Eagle token app, they will receive EAGT and can exchange them for dollars instantly, then they can recharge the debit card and make purchases or withdrawals at ATMs.

Business solutions

With Eagle token you will be able to receive payments for your services from your customers quickly, securely and anonymously. No financial or governmental entity will be able to intervene in your operations thanks to the privacy of the blockchain.

Rewards System

With EAGT, you can receive rewards, just for keeping your tokens in the hot wallet, unlike banks that take money from you for saving in their institutions, Eagle token rewards you for saving.


The CBR system. Commission, burns and rewards, is a circular economy or feedback system, which works thanks to the commissions generated in each transaction. The commissions return to the project providing liquidity and rewards to all EAGT holders.



Our team

«A team of qualified professionals who will develop the project»

Manuel Martin J.

Director and CEO

Jose G.

Co founder

Fran Bermejo

Marketing and Social Media Manager

Carlos Fernandez

Coach & Graphic Design